Samosa Platter

Two Samosas served with chickpeas, cilantro pesto and tangy tamarind sauce. $6.99

Aloo Tikki Platter

Potato and pea cutlets served with Chickpeas, cilantro pesto and tangy tamarind sauce. $6.99

Paneer Shashlik

Cottage cheese marinated in yogurt and spices, cooked in the clayoven with bell peppers. $12.99

Paneer Pakora

Cottage cheese batter, fried with chickpea flour and spices. $8.99

Mix Vegetable Pakora

Batter fried mix vegetables with chickpea flour and spices. $8.99

Gobi Pakora

Batter fried cauliflower with flour and spices. $8.99

 Fish Pakora

Batter fried fish with spices. $10.99

 Haryali Prawn

Jumbo shrimp marinated in cilantro dressing, cooked in the clayoven. $14.99

Saffron Malai Chicken Tikka

Chicken marinated in yogurt and cream cheese, cooked in the clayoven. $12.99

Tandoori Chicken Tikka

Boneless chicken marinated with Kashmiri chilies, yogurt and spices, cooked in clayoven. $12.99

Chicken Samosa Platter

Two tandoori chicken samosas served with chickpeas, cilantro pesto and tangy tamarind sauce. $9.99



 House Salad

Romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion and carrots dressed with roasted cumin and Himalayan salt dressing. $6.99

Add clayoven cooked chicken $3.99/shrimp $4.99

 Tamatar Ka Shorba

Ripe tomatoes and spices to tingle your taste buds. $5.50



 Chicken Tikka Masala

Tender chicken simmered in a sauce made with onion, tomatoes, bell peppers and spices. $14.49

Cilantro’s Chicken Curry

Chicken cooked with caramelized onion and tomato, garnished with cilantro. $13.99

Butter Chicken

Tender chicken pieces cooked in luscious cream and butter gravy. $14.49

 Ginger Coconut Chicken curry

Chicken cooked in a perfect combination of rich-rustic blend of spices and ginger harmonized with coconut cream. $14.99

 Palak  Chicken

Chicken cooked with spinach, yogurt and flavored with cardamom and ginger. $14.99

 Madras Lamb Curry

Lamb cooked with coconut and yogurt, flavored with tempering of mustard and Curry leaves. $15.49

 Lamb Rogan Josh

Tender pieces of lamb cooked in a rustic blend of spices and Kashmiri chili. $15.49

Lamb Vindaloo

Lamb cooked in onion, spices and vinegar flavor. $15.49

Malbaari Fish Curry

A tangy fish curry made with coconut, tamarind and a hint of fennel. $14.49

Goan Prawn Curry

A Goan delicacy prepared with coconut and perfectly balanced with kokum. $16.49

 Prawn Tikka Masala  $16.49



 Kaju Curry

Roasted Cashew Nuts (Kaju) Cooked In a Tomato, Onion and Spices Based Rich and Creamy Sauce. $14.49

 Navratan Korma

Mélange of Vegetables, corn niblets tossed with creamy gravy. $13.49

Vegetable Do Payaza

Melange of vegetables tossed in dry coriander and cumin tempering.


 Amritsari Chole

A renowned north Indian dish prepared with chickpea in thick masala gravy. $12.99

 Shahi Paneer

Paneer cooked in thick gravy made of cream, tomatoes, cashews and spices. $14.99

Paneer Tikka Masala

Cottage cheese simmered in a sauce made with onion, tomatoes, bell peppers and spices. $13.49

Dhingri Palak

Mushroom cooked in a luscious spinach thick sauce. $12.99

Aloo Ghobi

Cauliflower and potatoes  cooked with spices. $13.99

 Palak Paneer

Paneer cooked in a luscious creamy spinach and turmeric sauce. $13.99

 Dal Tadka

Traditional yellow dal cooked with garlic and cumin tempering. $11.99

Maa Ki Dal

An absolute delicacy created with harmonious combination of black lentil, ginger and garlic simmered for 24 hours $12.99

 Dal Palak

Traditional yellow dal and spinach tempered in fresh garlic and cumin. $13.99



 Lamb/Chicken Biryani

Marinated lamb/Chicken & aromatic basmati rice cooked in a traditional Dum style, served with yogurt dressed salad. $15.49

Vegetable Biryani  $14.49

Pea Puloa $6.99

Coconut Pulao $6.99

Steam Rice $3.49




Stuffed Cheese Naan $4.99

Stuffed  Onion Naan $3.99

Stuffed Potato Naan $3.99

Butter $1.99/Garlic $2.49/Chili $2.99

Tandoori Roti $2.25

Laccha Paratha $3.99

Naan Basket (Three Naan)  $8.49

One stuffed & two garlic, chili or butter



Gulab Jamun

Sweet dumplings of reduced milk. $4.99


Dumplings made from cottage cheese soaked in sweetened, thickened milk delicately flavored with cardamom. $4.99

Gajar ka halwa

Grated carrot cooked with milk, sugar and flavored with cardamom. $4.99


Traditional Indian Ice-Cream $4.99



 Meal for Two

Two samosas, two entrees of your choice, two naan bread, basmati rice, dessert and two pops. $39.99

Meal for Four

Four samosas, one veggie and two chicken or lamb entrees of your choice, four naan bread, basmati rice, dessert and four pop. $61.99

 Vegan Meal for Two

Two samosas, two entrees (Aloo Gobi, Dal tadka, Kaju Curry, Dhingri Palak, Dal Palak) two Roti bread, basmati rice and two pops. $37.99



Milkshake (Mango/Chocolate) $3.99

Mango Lassi $3.99

Lassi (Sweet/Salted) $3.49

Sparkling Water $3.99

Juices (Apple/Orange) $3.49

Canned pop $2.49



 Boondi Raita $3.99

Mix Veg Raita $3.99

Masala Popadam $3.99

Onion Salad $2.99

Mango Chutney $1.99

Plain Yogurt $2.99

Tamarind Sauce $.99

Cilantro Pesta $.99

Popadam $2.49 (2pcs)

Mix veg pickle $1.99



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